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Bringing Theory to Practice

Press Releases

Bringing Theory to Practice Project Awards Twenty-Eight Institutions Matching Grants to Participate in Initiative on Engaged Learning and Student Well-Being
BTtoP announces over $700,000 of support (including campus matching) made to twenty-eight campuses reflecting the breadth of types of higher education institutions. Those receiving these grants will form a collaborative learning community working together to gain greater understanding and advance practices and policies that better reflect the transformative promise of higher education for students—a promise much richer than what may prevail elsewhere; a promise and expectation of rigorous and engaged learning to educate the whole person.

Bringing Theory to Practice Project Awarded Funding to Support The Civic Series and Related Projects
Awards from the Lumina Foundation, the Spencer Foundation, the Teagle Foundation, and the William and Mary Greve Foundation, with matching funds from the Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation and the S. Engelhard Center, will support publication of five monographs in The Civic Series, and a series of civic seminars held on campuses around the country.

Demonstration Sites for 2010-2012 Selected
After intense consideration of over 50 Demonstration Site proposals, BTtoP has selected 6 institutions to be funded at its highest category from the 2010-2012 RFP, representing over $1,000,000 in matching grants.

15 Institutions Selected to Join Leadership Coalition
15 additional institutions have been selected to join the BTtoP Leadership Coalition. The presidents will meet for the first time on April 27 in New York City.

Forty-five Institutions Selected to Form Leadership Coalition and Receive Grants to Support Their Work in Creating and Sustaining Transformative Campus Change and Cultures for Learning
45 university and college presidents have formed a national Leadership Coalition, committing their campuses to becoming models for what liberal education can offer—and most effectively deliver. The initial activity of the Coalition will be a President’s Symposium, held in Washington, DC, November 10-11, 2008.

Major Grants Awarded to Develop and Measure Impact of Programs to Improve College Students' Health, Well-Being, and Civic Development through Engaged Learning
In BTtoP's latest round of grant funding (2007-2010), six major awards were made to institutions nationwide for a total of $860,000.

Six Grants Awarded to Implement and Measure New Ways to Affect College Students' Health and Well-Being through Engaged Learning
Announcement of the BTtoP Project's support of 6 demonstration site grants totaling $540,000.

Educational Leaders To Examine Research and Programs that Connect Student Learning to Student Mental Health and Civic Development
Announcement of the April 15-16, 2005, Bringing Theory to Practice Working Conference in Bethesda, featuring an overview of existent research on engaged learning, student mental health and civic development; also a new survey on student attitudes towards mental health and substance abuse.

Thirty-Nine Colleges and Universities to Study the Impact of Engaged Learning on Student Depression and Substance Abuse
Announcement of the April 15-17, 2004, Bringing Theory to Practice Action-Conference in Chicago, featuring 39 colleges and universities.

Can Involvement in Engaged Learning Practices Decrease Alcohol Abuse and Depression Among Students?
Announcement of the September, 2003, launching of the Bringing Theory to Practice Project, sponsored by the Engelhard Foundation and directed by Dr. Donald W. Harward, President Emeritus, Bates College and Senior Fellow, AAC&U.